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My Story

Hey, I’m Nicolette!

Welcome to Maas Music Voice Studio, it has been quite the vocal journey for me. Let me tell you a little bit about what I did to get to the place I am today!

I grew up with a lot of music influence from my family, I always loved singing, especially Disney and pop singers on the radio. I loved performing, dressing up, and putting on shows for my family, so it made sense that I would start taking music classes and lessons from a young age.

I joined all of the choirs in grade school, middle school, and high school. I did the plays and musicals. I participated in the talent shows and showcases, but something was holding me back.

I was singing, but I lacked the technique and guidance that I really needed to catapult me to the next level. I was stuck and hitting the same vocal roadblocks over and over and over!

I studied music in college and knew right away that I wanted to study voice so I could learn how to be a better singer. My school told me that the way to the best and healthiest voice would be to sing classically, so I did. I did everything they told me.

Deep down what I really wanted to be singing was contemporary music, like Broadway songs, pop music, rock n’ roll, and more.

After I finished my degree in classical voice, I was stuck once again! I was a “better” singer, but I was not singing the way I always envisioned.

I decided to attend a Master Degree level intensive course and that was the beginning of my journey with contemporary vocal styles…

I finally felt like I was home!

I was singing the way I always wanted and now I could begin to teach it too. Now I teach all musical theatre styles, pop, rock, and more! It is what I love and I am teaching singers and other teachers from all over how to sing the way they’ve always wanted to so they can also reach their dreams!

Now that I’ve told you about my journey, why don’t we chat about yours?